PAL v1.1.9

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Released: Jan 4, 2008
Updated: Jan 4, 2008 by ClintH
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Release Notes

What's new in this release after v1.1.8:
  • Threshold file update: Removed the % Idle Time analysis from all threshold files. This counter is less effective when measuring disk performance of large disk arrays.
  • Threshold file update: Changed the IIS and MOSS threshold files to check for an increasing trend in .NET memory usage (# Bytes in all Heaps) to be a threshold of 5MB’s versus 5 bytes. This was originally a typo on my part.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where if the My Documents folder has been moved, then the PAL Reports directory fails to create. I used the scripting shell object and special folders method to get the directory, then WMI to get the EightDotThreeFileName. Thanks to Mike Lagase for providing the SpecialFolders sample code.
  • Feature Added: Added functions that check to see if Microsoft Log Parser is installed and if Microsoft Office Web Components are installed. If not, the UI will prompt you to install them. This is so users don't have to rerun PAL.vbs several times to install the dependencies.
  • Behavior change: The Log File drop down now updates to the directory of the last log file added to the control - meaning after you add the first log file, you just have to click the drop down to add the others versus browsing for each one.
  • Optimization: Added multiple output variables in the HTML form generation versus a single output variable. This should reduce memory thrashing of the same variable and gain better performance.
  • Threshold File fix: Changed Memory Leak Detection in .NET threshold to be in megabytes versus bytes.
  • Features added: Added a feature where the batch file processing can be ran at low priority. There is a checkbox for this in Step 4 of the form.
  • Bug Fix: Some customers reported crashes in the PAL.vbs file during processing. Debugged this and added additional checks in the Calculate functions in the PAL.vbs file. It is believed that these errors were caused by NULL data in the perfmon log which may occur when exporting perfmon log templates from PAL and using this perfmon template to collect counters that do not exist on the server collecting the data.
  • GUI Change: The PAL threshold editor now detects if a chart has been added to the analysis or not. If not, it will change the "Edit Chart..." but to read "Create Chart...".
  • Threshold File added: Kartik Tamhane ( was kind enough to create a SQL Server 2005 threshold file for PAL. I have included it as "Microsoft SQL Server 2005".

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