graphing several counters for a single metric on one chart?

Mar 29, 2017 at 2:10 PM

does anyone know how to chart multiple metrics per chart. Preferably to coalesce multiple instances into one (quite easily done in perfmon).

say I want to graph the following 3 metrics on one chart for comparison (and I separately threhold process1)
\Process(Process1Instance1)\% Processor Time
\Process(Process2Instance1)\% Processor Time
\Process(Process2Instance2)\% Processor Time

and a BLG with a whole lot of \Process(*)\% Processor Time

basically want to end up with 2 series on one chart
1) Process(Process1Instance1)\% Processor Time
2) all instances of Process(Process2)\% Processor Time

unfortunately I can't seem to achive this by editing the XML markup or via the UI. (in the XML the datasource property and the series tag being tied to thersholding had me quit in frustration.)

any ideas?
ps running 2.7.7 with the StaticThresholdAvgOnly/StaticThresholdMaxOnly change(can’t figure it out without either)