PAL - problem generating

Feb 23, 2009 at 2:01 PM

Below is a cmd output that I get when I use the PAL program. Can you please tell me what is wrong? The _FilteredLogForCounterlist.csv file has 29 records as I understand. What is wrong? Whats more the problem also exists when I use the file which is included with PAL installation I mean ProcessorSample.csv and SamplePerfmonLog.blg.

C:\logi\sys01>CScript "C:\Program Files\PAL\PAL v1.3.4.3\PAL.vbs" /LOG:"C:\l
ogi\sys01\PAL_000004.csv" /THRESHOLDFILE:"C:\Program Files\PAL\PAL v1.3.4.3\
/HTMLOUTPUTFILENAME:"[LogFileName]_PAL_ANALYSIS_[DateTimeStamp]_[GUID].htm" /Num
berOfProcessors:4 /ThreeGBSwitch:False /SixtyFourBit:False /TotalMemory:4 /Kerne
Host skryptów systemu Windows firmy Microsoft (R) wersja 5.7
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.

PAL.vbs v1.3.4.3

Creating the resource directory: "C:\Documents and Settings\ks\Moje dokumenty\PA
L Reports\PAL_000004_PAL_ANALYSIS_2009-02-23_14-32-2323_446C63AF-1862-4FD5-9444-
Created user defined resource directory: "C:\Documents and Settings\ks\Moje doku
menty\PAL Reports\PAL_000004_PAL_ANALYSIS_2009-02-23_14-32-2323_446C63AF-1862-4F
Determining if counters are in the Perfmon log...
 Using Relog to create a counter list...
Executing: ReLog.exe "C:\logi\sys01\PAL_000004.csv" -f CSV -y -o C:\DOCUME~1

Dane wej?ciowe
     C:\logi\sys01\PAL_000004.csv (CSV)

PoczĄtek:    2009-2-23 13:47:48
Koniec:      2009-2-23 13:48:18
Przyk?ady:  30

Dane wyj?ciowe
Plik:         C:\DOCUME~1\ks\USTAWI~1\Temp\{446C63AF-1862-4FD5-9444-41EDDE18C015

PoczĄtek:    2009-2-23 13:47:48
Koniec:      2009-2-23 13:48:18
Przyk?ady:  29

Polecenie wykonane pomy?lnie.

 Done using Relog to create a counter list.
ERROR: [DetermineIfCountersAreInThePerfmonLog] Unable to create a counter list f
rom C:\DOCUME~1\ks\USTAWI~1\Temp\{446C63AF-1862-4FD5-9444-41EDDE18C015}\_Filtere