Recommendations for analysing large numbers of logs?

May 7, 2008 at 11:48 AM
We have a large number of Win2k3 DCs (70+) from which I'm piloting the use of PAL to baseline the performance of. Currently, I have configured perfmon to collect metrics locally on each DC and store the counter logs (BLG format) centrally on the server running the PAL tool. The sample interval on each DC is 1 hour and I'm collecting separate logs for each day, thus giving a daily snapshot of DC performance data. What I would like to do is use PAL to analyse x7 log files from each DC with an analysis interval of 7 days, in order to provide averaged data over a calendar week. However, I want to retain the flexibility of having daily logs to look at data over a shorter timeframe, if necessary.

Is this a good configuration to use? Is there a better way of doing this? As a side note, sometimes, it seems as if the PAL tool hangs when merging the logs.