Not all the counters collected are being proceed/presented on the PAL report

Feb 23, 2011 at 8:46 PM

Greetings Cliff,

We are still using PAL v1.3.6.2, recently it came to our attention that all the perfmon counters collected on the SQL 2008 box are being displayed in the report generated by PAL.
For example \SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Buffer cache hit ratio does exist in the counter log file (see snip #1), but it never shows up in the report.
The PAL output (i.e. values processed by PAL and presented on the report) remains the same regardless of the threshold file; so far we’ve tried System Overview and SQL Server 2005
Furthermore, the Threshold file page contains a comment that in regards to the choosing ‘All Thresholds’, but this option is not showing up in under Threshold File Title drop down.

Please let me know if you would be able to take a look at this issue.

Thank you in Advance

\\MSSQLSERVER2008\SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Buffer cache hit ratio

• Tool Parameters
• Chronological Order
o Alerts by Chronological Order
• Processor
o Processor Utilization Analysis (Alerts: 0)
o Excessive Processor Use by Processes (Alerts: 28)
o Interrupt Time (Alerts: 0)
• Memory
o Available Memory (Alerts: 17)
o Memory Pages/sec (Alerts: 0)
o Memory Leak Detection (Stats only)
o High Virtual Memory Usage (Stats only)
o Process Working Set (Alerts: 0)
• Paging File
o Paging File % Usage (Alerts: 0)
o Paging File % Usage Peak (Alerts: 0)
• Network
o Memory Committed Bytes (Stats only)
• Disclaimer

Mar 16, 2011 at 6:52 AM

PAL v1.x should be matching on the SQL counters and showing them in the report. It uses regular expressions to compare the strings for a match. To troubleshoot this, you would need to set a breakpoint on the counter matching functions. It's been a *long* time since I looked at that code, but I'm willing to try to help.

PAL v1.x does not have the ability to put all of the counters in the log into the report. It has to match the counters to definitions in the threshold files.

PAL v2.x has the Process all counter stats feature that will process all of the counters in the log and show them in the report. Please try using the latest release of PAL v2.x.