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CalculatePercentile : ERROR: $aSortedNumbers -isnot [System.Object[]]. This is most likely due to no counters in the threshold file matching to counters in the counter log

Kindly assist as I am getting the following error when trying to run PAL analyzer for checking what is using the processor. CalculatePercentile : ERROR: $aSortedNumbers -isnot [System.Object[]]. T...

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LogicalDisk Avg. Disk sec/Transfer - error in report

Realy great tool but i have problem with counter which i mostly use - LogicalDisk Avg. Disk sec/Transfer Graph from this counter is OK ! Alerts table is OK ! but Overall Counter Instance Statist...

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custom Interval ignored in 2.7.7?

well, whether I select it in the UI or set it via the ps1 param it still ends up reverting to 30 intervals auto select. (say -Interval "300" or 600) I'm really confused...any ideas? (or can the sp...

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Access denied when creating *_PAL.bat at execution

I have encountered the below error on my desktop so I upgraded to latest PAL and same result. I loaded newest PAL version on laptop for first time. I am owner for the temp folder in both locations ...

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While processing the counters I keep getting this error (nvokeExpressionCommand)

Error0_PAL.htm Test-Path : Cannot retrieve the dynamic parameters for the cmdlet. The specifie d wildcard pattern is not valid: [Gen_Svr_09_Prod__PAL_ANALYSIS_2016122323553 8 At C:\Program Files\PA...

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MergeConvertFilterPerfmonLogs w/ C:\Temp

Got the MergeConvert error, saw the case describing changing user temp to C:\Temp. that did not resolve the error. See attached.

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Error occurs executing PAL.ps1 from different working directory in PowerShell

In a project I'm working on, I have a consolidated performance testing script that runs through a few utilities to execute a performance test then runs PAL to analyze the performance counters. PAL ...

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Error analyze blg from W2008 R2 on Win8.1 machine

Hi. I can't analyze perfmon blg file generated on Windows 2008 R2 server on my Win8.1 PC with PAL. Same collection set generated on 2012 R2 server works fine. I attach logs. Thanks.

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Issues with PAL Tool

The PAL Tool gets stuck when analyzing large logs even after reducing the time interval of .blg logs to be analyzed. Even used other options of selecting only specific Process, Processor and Memory...

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Set-EnglishLocales > $global:currentThread

It seems that there is an issue with Set-EnglishLocales where the $global:currentThread is being used to set the CurrentCulture and the CurrentUICulture for the currentThread. I get the exception ...

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