PAL v1.3 Beta 6

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Released: May 31, 2008
Updated: Jun 3, 2008 by ClintH
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Release Notes

  • New Feature: Mike Lagase has provided us with new Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 threshold files. This is the first release of them. Mike has blogged about it here
  • New Feature: The PAL.vbs file now supports a beginning time and end time - meaning if you only want a specific time range of the perfmon log analyzed, then you can specify the begin and end times. This was very helpful during my last performance lab. It's not in the user interface yet, but you can use it in this release by specifying the arguments like this: /BEGINTIME:"05/31/2008 20:55:25" /ENDTIME:"05/31/2008 21:55:25".
  • Behavior Change: The Process percent processor time is now based on the number of processors - meaning if a process is taking up more than x CPU divided by the number of processors.
  • Bug Fix: The "SQLServer:Buffer Manager Page life expectancy" analysis in the SQL2005.xml threshold file was missing the ISCOUNTEROBJECTREGULAREXPRESSION="True" attribute and not processing the analysis for named instances of SQL Server. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the ASP.NET Execution Times counter in the IIS threshold file, so that it will match counter instances.
  • New Feature: Added the ratio of analyses processed to total analyses in the threshold file to the end of the output command prompt.
  • New Feature: The path to the debug log file is mentioned at the end of the output command prompt.
  • Bug Fix: The path to the PAL.vbs script was changing to the path of the log files. This has really has been fixed this time.
  • Behavior Change: The settings of the output directory, analysis interval, and Threshold file path now persist when you add a new item to the queue. Previously they reverted to their default settings.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the PAL.vbs path changed when a new output directory is selected.
  • Bug Fix: The setup file was not prompting for security elevation on Vista. This is fixed now, but will install under the elevated user.
  • New Feature: Able to specify the HTML report file name.
  • New Feature: Able to specify the XML report file name.
  • New Feature: Queuing up command. Added options at the end of the wizard to choose to execute immediately, exectute, then restart the wizard, or add to queue and restart the wizard.
  • New Feature: An output directory can now be specified for the HTML report. If omitted, then the default "PAL Reports" directory will be used under the user's My Documents folder. Use the argument "/OUTPUTDIR" to specify the output directory.
  • New Feature: Able to run multiple PAL.vbs instances at the same time.
  • New UI: The user interface has been changed to be a Wizard versus an open form.
  • Bug Fix: In perfmon logs containing data counter data from multiple computers, PAL was only processing one of the counters of the same name. This is now fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The main form was showing v1.1.12 versus v1.3. Updated to be v1.3 for this release.

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