PAL v1.2

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Released: Jan 28, 2008
Updated: Jan 31, 2008 by ClintH
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Release Notes

What's new in PAL v1.2 since v1.1.9:
  • Behavior change: Relog.exe on WinXP doesn't export a list of counters from a perfmon log properly, so changed the function to go into the file directly and extract the list of counters directly from the perfmon log.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed another UBound error.
  • Note: Updating the minor version number to v1.2 as a culmulative set of features since v1.1.
  • Bug Fix: Different number of alerts being thrown compare to v1.1.9. This was caused because of an Exit For in the wrong location. Effectively the new version of PAL was only analyzing the first instance of every counter.
  • Bug Fix: Invalid threshold alerts: This was caused when multiple data source counters were being used. In the new version of the PAL tool, it didn't reinitialize the matched counter array making the second data source counter match on all if it's proper counter in addition to all of other matched counters of the analysis.
  • New Feature: Perf counter paths now support regular expressions.
  • Threshold file update: The SQLServer2005.xml threshold file now supports Microsoft SQL Server named instances.
  • New Feature: The setup process now installs the prerequisite .NET Framework v2.0 if not already installed.
  • New Feature: The setup process now automatically removes previous versions of PAL.
  • Threshold files updated: All threshold files with SQL counters have been updated with regular expressions so that they will process default instances of SQL Server and named instances of SQL Server.
  • Bug Fix: The threshold export to perfmon log template was producing duplicate counter entries. It was originally coded to only do unique entries, but wasn't caught until recently. This has been fixed and should also fix some of the odd NULL data issues seen shortly after this feature was added.
  • New Feature: Counter property/schema information is in the threshold code now. This means you can get the counter instance name in the code and make decision based on it. These are exposed as variables in the editer and start off with "Counter".
  • Behavior change: PAL.vbs now echoes out a "All Counters Found" status when all of the counters of an analysis are found. Previously it would only echo when all counters were not found. This was added because matching analysis counters with real counters in the log is a very resource intensive operations and the script might be perceived as hung when doing these comparisons.

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