Error in PAL.ps1 script

Mar 3, 2016 at 3:21 PM
Hello, I am using PAL 2.7.5 to compile data in a *.blg file. I am receiving the error message below, but it doesn't seem to affect pal.ps1 from finishing. It looks to me like some punctuation is simply missing. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike.

Overall progress... Status: Applying thresholds, PAL 2.7.5 Progress: 82%... Applying thresholds, MSExchange Replication CopyQueueLength

An error occurred on...
Invoke-Expression -Command $sCode
At C:\Users\myuser\Downloads\PAL_Flatfiles_v2.7.5_x64\PAL.ps1:4337 char:26 + Invoke-Expression <<<< -Command $sCode
The string starting: At line:9 char:113 + StaticThreshold -CollectionOfCounterInstances $htVariables["MSExchangeReplicationCopyQueueLengthALL"] -Operator <<<< 'gt -Threshold 1 is missing the terminator: '.