2.7.5 Setup File contains 2.7.4 PAL executable

Dec 29, 2015 at 5:43 PM
Good day,

I was experiencing the "property 'Count' cannot be found on this object" issue with the System Overview template and noticed that you fixed the issue with 2.7.5. I uninstalled version 2.7.4 and downloaded the file PAL_Setup_v2.7.5_x64.zip and installed it. I found however that the PALWizard.exe file within stated it was version 2.7.4 and I still had the property count issue.

I repeated the uninstall/reinstall and verified that the uninstall removed all files in C:\Program Files\PAL however after the reinstall, it still stated 2.7.4. At this point I downloaded the PAL_Flatfiles_v2.7.5_x64.zip file and copied the contents of this file to C:\Program Files\PAL. PALWizard.exe now states that it is 2.7.5 and the reports generate properly.

I will be giving a training to my coworkers on 1/6/16 on PAL since it is an awesome tool and I want them to be aware of it. Is there anyway that the installer can be updated with the correct files before the training? If not, I will inform them of the workaround.