Help to understand the alerts in PAL reports

Oct 27, 2015 at 5:00 PM

I am new to PAL reports. I am trying to use PAL to analyze our SQL2008R2 instances on a cluster server, which hosts multiple SQL instances. The following is part of PAL reports generating from counter logs on one of the nodes. It seems all my alerts have two numbers, such as "Alerts: 101|365". I believe the second one indicates how many alerts generated during the time period or for that particular counter. However, I am not sure what the first number means. It seems the alerts on other people's reports only has one number. Could someone help me understand the numbers?


◦2015.10.19-14:12:08 - 2015.10.19-14:20:08 (Alerts: 101|365)
◦2015.10.19-14:20:08 - 2015.10.19-14:28:08 (Alerts: 77|379)
◦2015.10.19-14:28:08 - 2015.10.19-14:36:08 (Alerts: 109|392)
◦2015.10.19-14:36:08 - 2015.10.19-14:44:08 (Alerts: 89|366)
◦2015.10.19-14:44:08 - 2015.10.19-14:52:08 (Alerts: 85|386)
◦2015.10.19-14:52:08 - 2015.10.19-15:00:08 (Alerts: 89|355)

◦Cache Lazy Write Flushes/sec (Alerts: 0|0)
◦Cache Dirty Pages (Stats only)

◦LogicalDisk Disk Overwhelmed (Alerts: 86|13)
◦LogicalDisk % Free Space (Alerts: 0|0)
◦LogicalDisk Avg. Disk sec/Read (Alerts: 189|30)
◦LogicalDisk Avg. Disk sec/Write (Alerts: 56|40)
◦LogicalDisk % Idle Time (Alerts: 0|49)
◦LogicalDisk Disk Transfers/sec (Stats only)
◦LogicalDisk Read/Write Ratio (Stats only)
◦LogicalDisk Bytes/Read (Alerts: 0|156)
◦LogicalDisk Bytes/Write (Alerts: 0|141)
◦LogicalDisk Avg. Disk Queue Length (Alerts: 0|109)
◦LogicalDisk Current Disk Queue Length (Alerts: 0|47)
◦LogicalDisk Disk Bytes/sec (Stats only)
◦LogicalDisk Free Megabytes (Alerts: 0|60)
◦LogicalDisk Avg. Disk sec/Transfer (Alerts: 148|49)
Feb 26, 2016 at 1:21 PM
You probably figured it out since 4 months ago but the first numbers would be for red alerts and the second for yellow alerts.
Or critical/warning.