Duplicate Analysis IDs in SystemOverview.xml and QuickSystemOverview.xml

Aug 17, 2015 at 12:40 PM

The question is:
Is it deliberate that the Analysis IDs in the SystemOverview and QuickSystemOverview are the same?. It would make sense if they do the same thing, but they analyse quite dfferent counters (SystemOverview analysis is per process, and the QuickSystemOverview is for _Total). I run into the next issue:
I have logged Handle counts from several processes: e.g.
  • \Process(a)\Handle Count
  • \Process(b)\Handle Count
  • \Process(c)\Handle Count
    But i have NO \Process(_Total)\Handle Count
    I have a configuration that inherits the SystemOverview.xml (which on it's turn inherits the QuickSystemOverview.xml)
Now basically what happens is that the Handle COunt is not included in the report at all, because the QuickSystemOverview.xml overrides the on in SystemOverview (because they have the same ID), but because i do not have a _Total counter for the Handle Count, it is skipped.
I would expect that the IDs would be different so that i at least have the counters from the SystemOverview.xml (i.e. per process)
Aug 17, 2015 at 2:58 PM
Sorry, my fault, above is not true.

I had another definition (completely different counter (copied/pasted from the Handle Count from SystemOverview) which had the same id as the Process Handle Count from the SystemOverview.xml and that one caused the Handle Count from SystemOverview and QuickSystemOverview to not show.
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