PAL 2.7.6 question

Jun 29, 2015 at 3:44 PM
Hello --

I ran Performance Monitor on our system for one hour last night using the following counters:
Network Interface(*)
Bytes Received,
Bytes Sent,
Bytes Total,
Current Bandwidth,
Output Queue Length

Physical Disk(_Total)
Avg. Disk Read Queue Length,
Avg. Disk Write Queue Length,
% Disk Time, Avg. Disk Read,
Avg. Disk Write,
Disk Reads,
Disk Transfers,
Disk Writes,
% Idle Time
The blg file that was generated included the following output:
Domain network adapter: Bytes received/sec - 33,111.117
Bytes sent/sec - 3,566,988.769
Bytes Total/sec - 3,600,099.886
Current Bandwidth - 1,000,000,000
Output Queue Length - 0.000

10 GbE network adapter: Bytes received/sec - 3,419,435.809
Bytes sent/sec - 10,902.127
Bytes Total/sec - 3,430,337.936
Current Bandwidth - 10,000,000,000.0000
Output Queue Length - 0.000

10 GbE network adapter 2: Bytes received/sec - 1,028.571
Bytes sent/sec - 1,115.982
Bytes Total/sec - 2,144.552
Current Bandwidth - 10,000,000,000.0000
Output Queue Length - 0.000

Physical Disk:
% Disk Time 14.947
% Idle Time 85.572
Avg. Disk Read Queue Length 0.013
Avg. Disk sec/Read 0.004
Avg. Disk sec/Write 0.187
Avg. Disk Write Queue Length 1.033
Disk Reads/sec 3.684
Disk Transfers/sec 9.380
Disk Writes/sec 5.696
It appears the issue is with one of the network cards, and I am taking steps to correct it.

I also ran PAL 2.7.6 to analyze the blg file. The output that was generated listed the network interfaces, but there was no listing for the Physical disk.

Is the absence of the physical disk in the output file normal, or is there something else going on here?