side by side viewing

Oct 1, 2014 at 12:24 AM
I really like the PAL tool. Now that I have a number of servers with multiple reports, I would like to view the results side by side. For example, if I could put in the report results (xml or the folders with the .png files?) from 8/1/2014 and 9/1/2014 and have the graphs show up side by side. I am not sure I want all the Alerts, but the headers of the sections and the meanings of the counter and the graphs side by side. I am thinking that the alerts can be investigated as is, but for a presentation where I want to show the before and the after or a baseline vs a troubleshooting performance log. Another way i could see it used is if several VMs have logs from same time, it would be interesting to see if one piggy causes issues with another family member.