SCOM and PAL counter sets: easy way to set up?

Sep 23, 2013 at 5:17 PM
Totally oddball question, but we're expanding our usage of SCOM and while setting up some dashboards and alerts for our SQL servers, I noticed that the default collectors don't include many of the counters that PAL uses.

We've found the PAL tool to be extremely helpful over the years, and are trying to get some proactive alerting and monitoring in place. The DBAs current use Performance dashboards and DMVs, but these tools don't have robust alerting or provide for historical trending.

While its possible to make the counters manually, as per this is proving to be quite cumbersome.

Are you aware of any automated or bulk import means to get the collection sets from PAL into SCOM 2012sp1?
Sep 24, 2013 at 12:29 AM
Hi Rashiel,

Sorry, I'm not familiar with any way to bulk import PAL performance counter data collector templates into System Center Operations Manager.

I have had a few discussions with the System Center product team about synchronizing the PAL analyses with SCOM management packs with some success. Of course, PAL and SCOM are very different products, so some of the analyses that PAL does, SCOM can't do and vice-versa. All I can say is that the System Center team are aware of the PAL project and I encourage you to provide feedback like this to them. The Microsoft forums, Facebook, and Twitter handles are good places to start.

Also, I have spent the quite a few late nights recently (this project is fueled by volunteer time) extensively updating the PAL analysis for kernel memory pools. This will be in PAL v2.4. Which I plan on releasing very soon.