Template not include inherit counter.

Sep 4, 2013 at 5:21 AM

I'm generating template and load into perfmon, but found that those counter in the inherit threshold file was not included (those from system overview). Is that the only way to have them all is generate both template and merge them into one?

And if doing so, if then generate report, the PAL will generate report for inherited threshold also? I'm using 64bit version, Thanks.
Sep 17, 2013 at 8:09 AM
When in the PAL Wizard and exporting a selected threshold file to a Perfmon Template, yes, it includes the counters from all of the threshold files that the selected threshold file inherits from.

Yes, when a counter log is presented to the PAL tool that has all of the counters needed by the selected threshold file and the inherited threshold files, then the selected threshold file and all of the inherited threshold files are merged together and analyzes the counter log. All counters in the counter log that match the merged threshold file should be in the report. Keep in mind that some counter instances such as _Total are ignored in the LogicalDisk and PhysicalDisk counter objects, so all instances of those counter objects need to be recorded in the counter log data recorder.
Sep 17, 2013 at 8:45 AM
Hi Clint,

That's why I asking this question, I export "SQLServer2008R2.xml" to perfmon template.

Then when using PAL 2.3.6 to generate the report, I suppose those report item in "SystemOverview.xml" and "QuickSystemOverview.xml" are included, please the final result only items in "SQLServer2008R2.xml" was included.

Am I doing anything wrong, so those inherited counter report item was not draw in report or I need to tick "Process all of the counters in the counter log(s)"?
Sep 17, 2013 at 5:00 PM
On the PAL Wizard threshold file tab, when you select the SQL Server 2008 R2 threshold file, does it show that it inherits from System Overview? If not, use the Add button to add the SystemOverview.xml file to it. System Overview should inherit from Quick System Overview (QuickSystemOvervie.xml). If not, select System Overview and add QuickSystemOverview.xml to it. When they shows as inherited, then it should work fine. Also, all changes to inheritance in the threshold files is immediately saved to the file. This means that when you add inheritance it will always inherit unless you remove it at a later point.
Sep 21, 2013 at 2:34 PM
Oh, that's what I wat to ask, when generating the template, I make sure the System Overview and Quick System Overview are shown as inherit (in 2.3.5). But no matter I generate the report from 2.3.5 or 2.3.6, those counter are not in the report, then I go to check the template and found that those counter is not in the template. Is it because I generate the template in 2.3.5?
Sep 24, 2013 at 12:39 AM
No, it should be working in that version. Can you record the steps you are doing? In Windows 7 and later, there is a steps recorder that will record screenshots of your actions. To do it, click Start, type "recorder", then run the Steps Recorder. Start the recording and reproduce the problem, then send me the resulting zip file. Please be aware that this will contain privacy information - screenshots of your computer. When done, send it to me at clinth@microsoft.com or SkyDrive.