SharePoint - SQL Server Counters

Jan 30, 2013 at 6:50 AM

Upon comparing counters from Threshold file of PAL vs RAP Tool; noticed following points:

- PAL SQL counters are super set of RAP SQL Counters

- Below few RAP Tool counters are not included in PAL SQL counters.

Can anyone suggest whether below are not important counters; else how can they be included in PAL SQL counter set and hence can be analyzed by PAL?

- Deepak


\System\System Up Time
\LogicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk sec/Transfer
\SQLServer:Access Methods(*)\Mixed page allocations/sec
\SQLServer:Access Methods(*)\Range scans/sec
\SQLServer:Cursor Manager by Type(*)\Cursor Requests/sec
\SQLServer:General Statistics(*)\Processes Blocked
\SQLServer:General Statistics(*)\Temp Tables Creation Rate
\SQLServer:General Statistics(*)\Temp Tables For Destruction
Mar 15, 2013 at 8:17 PM
Hi deepakm,

Any performance counters can be added to the threshold files in PAL. Just select the threshold file and click Edit. In the editor, you can add these counters and put in the thresholds you feel are necessary. In regards to adding them to future versions of the SQL threshold files, it is best to contact the content owner David Pless ( David owns the Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 threshold file. With that said, we plan to release a new SQL Server threshold file soon. I'll check with David to see if he is considering the counters you mentioned.