Disabling certain reports

Dec 13, 2012 at 4:03 PM

I'd like to change a few things in my reports. They're run automatically every day to monitor our servers.

The first is removing the "Memory Available MBytes" query, as it shows up in red always. Our SQL is tuned to use up just enough memory, so I'm not concerned there's less then 5% free, because 5% of 32gb is 1.6gb.... We aim for 1gb of free memory. Anyways, I hacked up the QuickSystemOverview.xml and took out this portion.

Second is to ignore C: and Q: (quorum) disks for all the disk stats. I could restrict the stats collection I guess?





Jan 4, 2013 at 9:07 PM

Hi gcormier,

You can easily change these settings. In the PAL Wizard, go to the threshold file tab, select Quick System Overview, and click Edit. Go to the Memory\Available MBytes. From there you can edit the thresholds. In regards to the quorum drives, you can set an instance exclusion in the editor as well. Go to each of the analysis in Quick System Overview and under Data Source Counters, click Edit. You should see an Instance Exclusions item list. Click the Add button to add "C:" and "Q:" to the instance exclusion list. Click OK, click the *Update Analysis* button in the lower right, then click File, Save at the top left to save your changes. The next time you run the report, it should honor the changes you made.

You are likely locking memory with SQL Server. Please take caution on doing this because the more available memory that the operating system has the more "fast IO" it can do - meaning it can avoid going to disk by taking advantage of the disk cache on the operating system's standby list. Having 5% or 10% available RAM significantly reduces the amount of disk access that is needed and should be considered even on dedicated SQL Servers.

Thank you,
Clint Huffman (clinth@microsoft.com)