Method to graph computed values?

Nov 18, 2008 at 4:35 AM

I've been experimenting with editing the threshold files and found that it would be very helpful to see a graph of some computed values as well as the threshold alerts themselves. For example, in IIS a graph of the ratio of .NET CLR Exceptions/Sec to ASP.NET Applications Requests/Sec would be very informative, or in SQL a graph of the ratio of SQLServer:Access Methods Full Scans/sec to SQLServer:Access Methods Index Searches/sec. Another example would be the running ratio of .NET GC Gen 0 vs. GC Gen 1. Would this be feasible to implement? The threshold alerts are very helpful, but sometimes I would like to have multiple alert thresholds at 5%, 10%, 50%, 100%, and so on and in these cases it would be much easier to view the data in a graph format. Please keep the PAL tool alive - it rocks!

Dec 17, 2008 at 1:19 AM
I agree. I want to include computed values in PAL v2.0 because there is certainly a lot of value in it. Thanks for mentioning this. I'll keep this in mind as I write PAL v2.0. For now, I'm just porting PAL.vbs to PAL.ps1 and adding in areas for extensibility like this. Great feedback! :-)