How to create a customized threshold template in PAL 2.3.1?

Jul 14, 2012 at 10:11 AM
Edited Jul 14, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Hi, all

I would like to create a customized threshold template for my specific applications (has own counters) - is there any guideline on this or something I need to pay attention to? Is there any detail explaination of each node of the threshold template? Thanks.

The questions I have are below, take below Memory Active in MB for example in VMWare.xml

<ANALYSIS NAME="Memory Active in MB" ENABLED="True" CATEGORY="VM Memory" PRIMARYDATASOURCE="\VM Memory\Memory Active in MB" ID="158d7c0d-4864-4523-9474-34af2edcfbbf" FROMALLCOUNTERSTATS="False">
    <DESCRIPTION><![CDATA[The estimated amount of memory the virtual machine is actively using.]]></DESCRIPTION>
    <DATASOURCE TYPE="CounterLog" NAME="\VM Memory\Memory Active in MB" COLLECTIONVARNAME="CollectionOfVMMemoryMemoryActiveinMB" EXPRESSIONPATH="\VM Memory\Memory Active in MB" TRENDVARNAME="TrendVMMemoryMemoryActiveinMB" DATATYPE="integer" />
    <CHART CHARTTITLE="\VM Memory\Memory Active in MB" ISTHRESHOLDSADDED="False" DATASOURCE="\VM Memory\Memory Active in MB" CHARTLABELS="instance" />
  1. ID="158d7c0d-4864-4523-9474-34af2edcfbbf" seems to be a GUID. I could generate it myself?
  2. FROMALLCOUNTERSTATS="False" What's this standing for?
  3. ISTHRESHOLDSADDED="False" - I should use TRUE or FALSE?

Any advice is very appreciate!



Jul 18, 2012 at 6:54 AM

Well, I tried to modify QuickSystemOverview.xml and it works.

But another question rises up -- for example, I need to analysis all w3wp.exe instances but how to write it?

I used "\Process(w3wp)(*)\% Processor Time" but did NOT work.

Any suggestion?

Jul 19, 2012 at 7:14 AM

I answered hitliubo's questions offline, but I'll answer them here as well.

1. Yes, it is a GUID that you can generate yourself. The ID makes the analysis unique. If you create your own threshold file and use the same ID or same analysis name, then your analysis will override all other inherited ones with the same name or ID.

2. FROMALLCOUNTERSTATS is just an indicator saying if this analysis came from a threshold file or was it dynamically created in order to match counters in the counter log. This is related to the All Counter Stats feature.

3. ISTHRESHOLDADDED is an indicator to determine if thresholds in the chart need to be added or skip the process of adding thresholds to the chart.