PALv2 not generating network utilization graphs

Mar 1, 2012 at 7:30 PM

I have perfmon gathering network utilization counter (Network Interface(HP Network Team_1)\Bytes Total/sec) amoung others, and while I do see perfom graphs for this counter, PAL fails to create graphs for it. PAL logs (from DOS window) shows:

Processing: Network Interface % Network Utilization
        Counter data for "HP Network Team _1"...Done

But does not show:

Generating Charts..Done
        Processing Thresholds..Done

Why is it skipping this counter? No matter if I do it for individual interfaces or the teamed, I get same issue. How are other getting it to work? Please advise.

Log Source server: Win 2003 Ent x64

Compiling on: Win XP Pro. SP3.