Help on understanding PAL out file what is cause for my server restart...Help me

Jan 6, 2012 at 3:48 PM

Dear all,

My perfmon generated a csv file configured by me,but I am failing to analyze the log file.

I used PAL to analyze, It is showing some warinigns and alerts..but I am sure what was the is issue which is making my system restart.

Is it possible for you guys to provide analysis if I provide .csv file ?   


Many  thanks



Jan 9, 2012 at 8:39 PM

Hi Snivas,

We don't analyze performance counter logs for you on his forum, but I am willing to analyze it as long as I can publish this issue as a case study. This means a potential blog entry, TechNet article, Twitter discussion, or publication in a magazine article. For example, last month Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine (MCP) published a request for any performance counter logs that I can analyze and publish in the magazine.

If you need *private* assistance with analyzing the counter log, then contact Microsoft Support. They can help with analysis of the system reboot condition and analyze the log for potential problems. If you run into problems running the tool, then we can help.

A system shouldn't restart unless commanded to with administrator rights or if the system had a fault. Check the system event logs to see what events occurred during the time of the reboot. I can provide you with a script that can gather the event logs and other data directly, but again, I will only assist if you and your company are fine with discussing this in public. Otherwise, contact your Microsoft Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Microsoft Support for private assistance.

Thank you,
Clint Huffman (