Error: Specified counter could not be found

Jun 17, 2010 at 4:55 PM


I have become a big time fan of PAL tool which has been helping me and my team make significant progress on our performance troubleshooting project on handful server boxes.
Yesterday, I ran into an issue where I capture PerfMon log file ( CSV output ) and when I tried to generate analysis report by PAL tool it gave an error in the CMD:
The specified counter could not be found.
C:\PerfLogs\PAL.vbs<4789, 5> Microsoft VBScript runtime error: File not found

Can you please let me know what I could be missing here?

- I am using PAL v1.3.6
- Perfmon output format is .csv
- File size: 7,926 kb
- PAL.vbs does exist in C:\PerfLogs folder

not sure what counter it is looking for and not finding.

Any directiong\guidance on how to determine this will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,


Jun 17, 2010 at 5:35 PM

OK. I have been playing with this for a little bit and thought I would open up the .csv file and see if I see anything that jumps out.
I saw a SQL Server#2 processor time% counter column name was there, but with no data on the entire column. Removed the column and tried to PAL it again. Now I am getting: "The specified log file type has not been installed on this system" error message.

Jun 22, 2010 at 12:47 AM

PAL v1.3.6 should process CSV files, but I haven't tested it in a long time. I don't plan on spending any time on PAL v1.x. All of my attention on this project is on PAL v2.0 where I know that CSV logs should process just fine. Please try out PAL v2.0 Beta 1.1 at

Also, *never* log in CSV log file format. It does not try new counter instances. For example, if you started a CSV log capturing \Process(*)\*, then shorly after that started or restarted processes, then the log will not track the new process instances. We will be fixing this in Windows 8. In the meantime, *always* log using Binary (*.blg) because it is able to track all new counter instances and track all new processes as they start.

Also, all of my testing with PAL is using *.blg files.