PAL v2.0 MOSS2007 threshold.

Apr 22, 2010 at 10:09 AM


First of all, thank you very much for such a wonderfull tool.

Although there is some trouble I'm having with monitoring moss on x64 environments with PAL

Situation is as follows:

1. I've created counter sets for three MOSS servers (my custom tool which creates counters for multiple servers based on PAL template passed in).

2. The indexing server which was chosen to do the analysis (PAL reports) is a Windows 2003 x64. It failed the report generation with this annoying error "Error parsing query: Log row too long". This is quite expected as three 8-processor servers generate approximately 210kb of header in FilteredPerfmonLog.csv

3. Concerning CSVInMaxRowSize. I've tried to modify the registry key to 40000 (256K) - no help. Set it to maximum (something like 700Kb (from LogParser forum)) - still no luck. Run it with administrative privileges and uncommented the function which automatically modified the CSVInMaxRowSize in PAL.vbs (it did set it to something like 400Kb) - still no luck.

4. At the point of desperation I've tried to run the reporting on my Win 2003 X86 VM with the input file (the blg that three servers generated). And BAM, what a surprise, without changing default settings of CSVInMaxRowSize it generated the rerport.

5. Thinking that there is something wrong with Win2003 x64 and LogParser I've tried running report generation on Win2008 R2 x64. Installed Pal x64, altered CSVInMaxRowSize to maximum - still no luck (getting "too long" error).

Note: in steps 2-5 I was using same command line script to generate PAL report (so paramters are the same).

6. I've tried to install PAL v2.0 Alpha 5, but there is no template for MOSS2007, and looking at the structure of threshold xml's I couldn't figure out a straightforward conversion from 1.3 to 2.0 template.


Could you please give me some advice on the issue.

As an alternative could you please describe or point me to some documentation on how to convert 1.3.6 threshold template to 2.0 template. I could spend some time converting it, thus contributing a small piece into your work (will send you the template if I succeed).

Or if MOSS2007 threshold template for 2.0 is on the way please estimate its approximate date of arrival.

Thank you in advance.

May 7, 2010 at 8:05 AM

The problem is that Microsoft Log Parser just doesn't scale. There is too many counter instances for it to process. You can work around this by using the Quick System Overview threshold file, but that threshold file is very limited.

The easiest solution is to use PAL v2.0. I have a PAL v2.0 Alpha 5 available on the Downloads section of this web site. It does not use Log Parser. It is pure PowerShell.

Email me directly with your threshold file and I will convert it for you and/or send you a script that I wrote that converts PAL v1.x threshold file to PAL v2.0. The only problem is that it cannot convert the actual thresholds. This is because I made significant changes to the PAL threshold file schema and the PAL v1.x threshold files are designed for VBScript versus PowerShell.

I have a MOSS threshold file ready to go in PAL v2.0. I just finished it tonight as a matter of fact. Email me and I can send it to you or just wait because I will release it with the next build release which will likely be Beta 1.

My email is